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About Sensitive Teeth

Whitening Treatments and Sensitivity

Did You Experience Tooth Sensitivity After Having a Tooth-Whitening Treatment?

80% of patients who undergo a treatment will experience sensitive teeth. The most common tooth-whitening ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which have been known to cause sensitivity as they penetrate the tooth enamel.    Whitening and Sensitivity
Sensodyne is a Good Choice

Sensodyne is a good choice to use before, during and after tooth-whitening treatments. Safe to use, it can also make a noticeable difference in lowering the amount of teeth whitening sensitivity and discomfort experienced when you're whitening sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne Tooth-Whitening Formula

Sensodyne tooth-whitening formulas have a specially designed low-abrasion formula to remove stains from teeth to restore teeth to their natural whiteness. Sensodyne whitening formulas contain a matrix of polishing and cleaning ingredients which all contribute to the cleaning and whitening effect. Like all Sensodyne variants, Sensodyne whitening formulas contain clinically proven active sensitivity ingredients.

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